Ruede hagelstein - unleashed

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Hintergrund sind die, von der bayerischen Landesregierung geänderten Gesetze zum Tanzverbot an „stillen Tagen“. Wir bitten Euch also ab 2 Uhr das Tanzen einzustellen, versorgen Euch aber weiterhin mit leckeren Drinks bei bester Live-Musik.

As if it were yesterday: 3 young men are sitting in a beergarden in Berlin and talk about the next 'big' thing in the music label landscape of Germany. Formatik Records was born. Format:B member Jacob Hildebrand & Franziscus Sell as well as their label manager knew exactly in which direction to go. Energetic and exciting tech-house in its highest state of quality, flavoured with a touch of humorous ideas. They also had in mind to make cooperations with talents and friends from their personal and/or business surroundings. That sounded and currently still sounds like the correct recipy. 5 years later we celebrate these historic moments with a work exhibition that unites old friends, young producers and illustrious guests. Label friend Uto Karem or brother in mind Pleasurekraft as well as our seeded label artist Tobi Kramer. The hole work is enriched by the committed sound from our friends out of the Ukraine Konstantin Yoodza and also dj PP from Uruguay. This small compilation is completed nicely from artists that have'nt been released on Formatic- up to now that is. We welcome Dema & Alex Mine, Modevisning, Samuel Dan and Stratocaster. This musical bomb shows how we see powerful club music of the present. Always with a big bass in the pocket easily shaken out of the hips, with a blink of an eye for the right moment, humorous and full of lust. Raise your glasses and pay hommage to the coat of arms with the big F! Onto the next 5 years.

. | KOMFORTRAUSCHEN; Mit Schlagzeug, Bass und Gitarre liefern Komfortrauschen kommenden Samstag ein elektroakustisches Live-Erlebnis, das nicht nur zum Zuhören ...

Ruede Hagelstein - UnleashedRuede Hagelstein - UnleashedRuede Hagelstein - UnleashedRuede Hagelstein - Unleashed