The slits - untitled (bootleg retrospective)

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In the summer of 1967, Morris began to purchase rectangular sheets of industrial felt and cut into them with a series of straight lines. When suspended, the strips of felt would tumble from their own weight. Morris wanted to question the fixed geometric shapes of minimalist sculpture. As he wrote in his essay ‘Anti-Form’, the alternative was to let materials determine their own shape. This meant relinquishing control of the final appearance: each time this work is displayed, its precise arrangement will change.

Up till now, these posts have been focused squarely on the art world. But performance was (and is) interconnected with ...

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 · Tate glossary definition for feminist art : Art by women artists made consciously in the light of developments in feminist art theory since about 1970

The Slits - Untitled (Bootleg Retrospective)The Slits - Untitled (Bootleg Retrospective)The Slits - Untitled (Bootleg Retrospective)The Slits - Untitled (Bootleg Retrospective)